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I'm Lizzy, an independent escort based in Southampton. I tour in Bournemouth, Gatwick, Reading, Cardiff and other places when the mood takes me!

Because of the current situation I am not taking face to face bookings. You can check if I'm online for phone and cam here, and buy my content directly from me here - there are pics, clips & longer videos and most items are on sale!

I'm a size 16 - 18, very voluptuous  woman (BBW) with size 40E boobs! I also have a nice soft belly and a sexy, grabbable big bum. I love my job, and I am completely, 100% independent. I'm originally from Scotland, and when I'm not working I'm usually drawing, painting, cooking or eating :)! I'm enthusiastic and open about sex, and passionate about helping people explore their sexuality.

If you are looking for a full-on glamour-puss, porn star lookalike then I am probably not for you! I have a more down to earth, natural style, and in bookings I like to wear a nice dress that shows off my assets, usually similar to what I have on in my pictures.

I offer a lovely affectionate girlfriend experience that's so authentic I'll even roll my eyes when you say something daft ;) For the adventurous type, I offer a kinky girlfriend experience (which is basically the same with a nice healthy bit of kink thrown in!) You can see full details of what I offer here.

I regularly take incalls in Southampton, and tour often to offer incalls in Bournemouth, Reading, Gatwick, Cardiff and other towns and cities sporadically. For Outcalls I cover Hampshire and the surrounding areas. I usually need advance notice to come and visit you, so please bear that in mind if you want to meet me. If you want to go ahead and book you can find out how to make it happen here!

I am an escort/sex worker/prostitute for many reasons, but it really boils down to the fact that I like it, and I enjoy being my own boss!

I don't think consensual prostitutution is in any way immoral or unethical, and I am not ashamed of what I do (and if you think it is something to be ashamed of, you probably shouldn't be here!)

Yes! I am an indepedent escort, so you will only ever see me in pictures, speak to me on the phone, or meet me in person!

No, they are not. If you try to haggle with me I will not see you.

It's pretty straightforward, and if you have ever booked an appointment at the hairdresser, dentist or anywhere else you will be fine!

Sex workers are just normal people and there is no special way you have to talk to us to get a booking. So long as you are polite and give me the information I need, you have nothing to worry about. On first contact let me know what day and time you are hoping to see me, and for how long.

I like to think I am friendly and aproachable, and I pride myself on being able to put others at ease, so you needn't worry about feeling too nervous during your time with me.

Yes, I do. The only things I discriminate against are disrespectful attitudes, bad manners, and bad hygiene! I am lucky to have had many clients over the years who have had a range of disabilities, from those who have physical challenges to other conditions such as ASD.

My incall flat is on the ground floor but there are two steps to the front door which measure 11cm and 20cm. If you are making a booking to see me please let me know on first contact that you have a disability so I can make any preparations or allowances needed.

If you need any help or advice on seeing a sex worker The TLC Trust is an excellent resource.


You can subscribe to my onlyfans for free here! Or for something more explicit you can buy my pictures and videos from me here :)

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